Quick Tweaks To Charm New Clients To The Salons

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned pro or novice salon owner, attracting new customers is the tough nut to crack. You would try everything possible to make your salon look aesthetic and functional. However, hair and beauty salons lose 10 to 25% of the client base every year. Reason? Or should we say, multiple reasons play a role in losing the customer?

Uncomfortable beauty salon furniture, unprofessional service, inadequate marketing, and many such factors contribute to the failure of a salon.


Approaching the new client and waiting for them to say “yes” over your services is indeed an overwhelming task. While doing this, your business goes under a roller coaster ride, you chase them and get yourself ragged. Worse, you are not sure if they would seal the deal and you end up in despair. For salon owners, it is always good to rely on and retain the existing clients, but if their ultimate goal is to be the toppermost of the poppermost, they need to do the following three things.


  • Attract new clients;
  • Built a new customer base;
  • Grow the salon.


If you concentrate and take action towards the progress, we are sure you will come out booming the salon business industry. Let’s focus on the first action of attracting new clients.


1. The vital and subtle way of attracting clients is by acquiring the best beauty salon furniture. The reason clients come to a salon is to relax and de-stress, and if you fail to provide the same, you are likely to fail. Perfect and functional salon furniture and beauty salon equipment are the reflection of your personality. It would be best if you analyse how the placement of furniture is going to enhance the look and ambience of the salon. You can even change the paint colours of the walls based on the modern and contemporary furniture you chose for the salons.


Opt for a perfect pedicure chairs, best barber chairs, relaxing couches, electric massage beds, and more. Make sure that you take steps ahead in enhancing the cosmetic experience and enable luxurious beauty procedures.


If you are hunting for some furniture provider, look no further. Visit our official website and explore multiple options for therapist stools, tattoo furniture, hairdressing chairs, and more. We promise you would be nothing less but delighted for investing with us.

Imagine the wonders that some of your salon pictures published on the internet can do to your business.


2. Your existing customers are always welcomed, but what about the new client base? How are you going to target the new ideal customer and add them to the list? Your ideal new client should love your beauty treatments, purchases product from you, gives you referrals, etc. Such clients are highly-profitable but finding them is the most arduous job.


You need to use an effective marketing strategy that will reach potential clients. Under the cyber umbrella, you have multiple options to spread the word about the business. If you have a sufficient budget, you can market them on social media platforms or perform inbound marketing.


Make sure you don’t forget to mention your business USP, which shall attract more customers. You can use the popular social media platforms to network with the people, acknowledge them about your services and engage them.

Well, the next approach is to offer prospective clients some freebies. A persuasive offer which they can never ignore will work as a treat for your business. Since you have all the amenities at your salon, you can think of offering them a free foot massage on your pedicure chairs or a hair wash as a complimentary service. Never hesitate to try new deals and offers.


3. The growth of the salon business mainly relies on the words of mouth marketing. Further elaborating this, one should sincerely follow Maya Angelou’s words, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


If the customer is satisfied with your service, they are definitely going to recommend your brand to their friends, and family. However, if you are uncertain about the results, you can start a referral program. Under this, you can give discounts and exclusive offers to your existing client who brings their family members and new friends to make them your client.


Also, print attractive leaflets and give them to the client, which may help you with the marketing. You would be surprised to know that a survey done on clients revealed that 74% of them considered a recommendation on the top while opting for new salon services.


The next step is to go online and spread the word about your business. Create a business website and promote your salon offers. Millennials use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to such an extent that they trust every legit ad showed by the platform. By promoting this way, you are making a win-win situation for yourself and the clients.


If you are alive on Google, check your rankings regularly. But for this, you need to know the SEO right and make things happen. We are sure a cracking design and SEO-compliant website can do wonders for your salon business. Don’t go for a cluttered website design. Please keep it simple, attractive and easy to navigate.


When you have worked so hard towards growth, we wish you don’t blow down this golden opportunity of bringing in new clients. Attracting them is not a rocket-science theory, but how you make them feel super special matters a lot in the game. You can also offer a loyalty-program to selected customers to make them feel privileged and luxurious with the beauty salon furniture.


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